Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH) and Oakville Museum welcome you to this unique opportunity to enjoy music, dance, and storytelling... 

The "Roots of Freedom Festival" is a two-day event held in Oakville that builds upon local Black history.
 The Festival:
  • Includes artists, volunteers, local resources, and citizens from various sectors of Oakville and the Region of Halton.
  • Involves participants from the education community, community organizations, members of the community - from Oakville, Halton Region, and beyond.
  • Complements and builds upon the mandate, role and past activities of the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH).
  • Focuses on local Black history and heritage within the context of the diaspora and impact of slavery --an important part of Halton's history of which many are unaware.
  • Provides facilitated opportunities to integrate Black history into school curricula.  
Benefits to the community:
  • Better knowledge of the slave trade, its impact and legacy, while generating pride and awareness of the contributions of the early Black community who settled in Oakville via the Underground Railroad.
  • Heightened awareness of the Oakville Museum's Black History exhibits, the Underground Railroad, within and beyond the Halton Region.
  • Appreciation for the talented local writers and performing artists who use traditional art forms to address contemporay issues.
  • Greater pride and self-awareness for Black youth who become informed about the history of Halton's Black community and its relevance today.
  • Harmony and inclusiveness among all members of Halton's community.